Will the Real John Legend Please Stand Up?

We all know John Legend as the uber talented singer, songwriter, music producer, and family man married to his gorgeous model wife, Chrissy Teigen, and their baby, but do we know the real John Legend? Catapulting onto the world stage in 2004 with his Grammy Award nominated album, “Get Lifted,” Legend has utilized his stardom to effect change on a larger stage.
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Larry Satterfield: Making “Spark” Fly at Cisco

Cisco’s Larry Satterfield has a vision for the company: He wants to use technology to increase diversity, inclusion, and productivity in the workplace.  As Video Sales Specialist, Satterfield knows that Cisco is in a perfect position to implement collaboration technology to achieve those goals. With more than 20 years in sales, Satterfield brings his knowledge of technology to Cisco’s sales department.
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5 Easy Steps to Push Through to the Next Level

By: Deborah Peters, International Business Accelerator

One way of looking at your life, your relationships, your health and your business or career is identifying what you don’t want it to look like or what you don’t like about it. It is human nature to see things or observe circumstances that we don’t want and is often the catalyst to identifying what we do want. Continue reading 5 Easy Steps to Push Through to the Next Level


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