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Black EOE Journal presents its annual Best of the Best award recognition to companies, schools and government and law enforcement agencies that are championing diversity and inclusion. It provides non-biased results that are valuable resources for job-seekers, business owners, students, consumers, senior management, business associations, employment agencies and consumer groups.

To be considered, we invite you to participate in the annual surveys. As a publication that has championed diversity in the workforce and business, we have become the industries “compass” and champion for identifying industry’s top inclusion and diversity performers.

Categories include:

Summer/July Issue

Prints July, 2023.
(Must be a Fortune 1,000 company for consideration)

Top Employers
Top Supplier Diversity Programs
Top LGBTQ+ Friendly Companies

Spring/January Issue

Top Government and Law Enforcement Agencies
Top Industry-Specific Companies:
Includes; Insurance Companies; Financial & Banking Companies; Healthcare, Pharmaceutical & Biotech Companies and Utilities, Energy, Gas & Oil Companies.

Submit Your Request for Consideration

Step 1: Take the Surveys

The surveys below are an essential tool for discovering your company’s inclusion culture. Each question has been painstakingly evaluated to probe  and accurately grade your organizations core commitment to inclusion, diversity, and equality.

Click here to take the Top Employers Survey

(The Industry-Specific Companies and LGBTQ+ Friendly Companies specific questions are included in the above survey).

Click here to take the Top Supplier Diversity Programs Survey 

Best of the Best Deadline - A gold pocketwatch laying on top of a calendar with a exspensive inkwell pen lying next to it

Step 2:  Submit Before Deadline

Our deadlines follow a strict submission timeline. Any submissions after the time window will only be considered and published in the next quarterly issue. These deadlines ensure that we only process submissions by industry leaders who pride themselves not only on punctuality but inclusion as well.


Black EOE Journal Summer
Submission Deadline is Friday, May 19, 2023
Publishing Date mid-July
Top Diversity Employers
Top Supplier Diversity Programs
Top LGBTQ+ Friendly Companies


Black EOE Journal Spring(Industry-Specific)
Submission Deadline is Wednesday, November 22, 2023
Publishing Date mid-January, 2024
Top Government and Law Enforcement Agencies
Top Utilities, Energy, Gas & Oil Companies
Top Insurance Companies
Top Financial & Banking Companies
Top Healthcare, Pharmaceutical & Biotech Companies

View Current Best of the Best Lists

It’s important to stay up on inclusion, and your competitors. View our current list of inductees, who have championed themselves as industry leaders in equality and diversity.

View Best of the Best Deadlines

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Step 3:  Recognition & Press

Once inducted into Best of the Best, you will be given recognition on your induction. Once our staff contacts and congratulates you on your efforts to champion equality and inclusion, we will present you with a certificate of recognition, and a press kit that your diversity department head can use to proudly display.


Best of the Best Award Example



With your induction as a member of DiversityComm’s Best of the Best, you can proudly display your certificate within your diversity branding advertisements as a sign of pride and leadership.

Best of the Best Press Release Template

Promotions departments can download our free press release template to ensure your commitment to diversity and inclusion is announced effectively and professionally.

Frequently ASked Questions Image Header*How much does it cost to participate and/or be recognized? There is no fee to participate or be recognized.

*Who should complete the survey? The person familiar with your organizations diversity and inclusion initiatives.

*Can I participate in more than one publication’s survey? Yes, the survey has questions specific to each publication.

*How often should the survey be completed. We recommend completing the survey every three years.

*Can I submit more documents when completing the survey. Yes, you may upload more documents supporting your D&I initiatives.

*When will the results be published? The results will be published online, in our downloadable digital editions and in the spring (January) issue and summer (July) print issues of the magazine.

*What is your Privacy Policy? The information provided to BEOEJ is confidential and will not be shared.

*Is the list in a number ranking order? No, the list is in alphabetical order.

*Who do I contact if I have any questions? You can contact the research department at

Best of the Best List Methodologies - a judge in a suit holds a gavel in his hand at his personal desk in his private chambersEach year, DiversityComm, Inc. (DCI) and its six diversity magazines conduct select evaluations
of the nation’s Employers, Supplier Diversity Programs, Industry Leaders, Law Enforcement &
Government Agencies and Schools. The evaluations also integrate findings by each magazine
independently to identify “Best of the Best” in relation to outreach and accessibility to the
minority, veteran, female, people with disabilities and LGBT population. These non-biased
studies are a valuable resource for the publication’s readers, jobseekers, business owners,
students, senior management, and consumers. The goal of the annual evaluations is not only to
bring the latest information and guidance to our readers, but also encourage active outreach and
diversity policies among corporations and government agencies. The studies are further designed
to assist corporate and government leaders in evaluating their ranking by comparing and
contrasting to their peers the success achieved within their industries and their measurement in

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For any questions regarding the survey, please call 949-825-5777, or email

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